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Bikini Pics Archive 01
Brunette teens always look so hot in a pink bikini! This girl is no exception, as I'm sure all you salivating guys will agree with. With such a slim figure and an amazing tan, this delicious hottie undoubtedly turns heads wherever she goes. If you look closely you will notice her pretty ear-rings, but why would you wanna do that. Keep focused on her amazing boobs and enjoy yourself!
Whats better than one girl sitting on the grass in her bikini? Two girls sitting on the grass in their bikinis! And what's better than that? Three? Yes indeedy, but we like our surfers so much that this pic hass four young teen girls on the grass in their bikinis. It's sunny day for them to strip down and show off their sexy skin. I even thought they were enjoying a beer, but it turns out the bottle in the photo is sun tan lotion. I wish I had some photos of the girls applying that to eachother!
Two totally cute and definitely adorable young girls sitting on the sand. One has a very ample rack, the other has small boobs. Yet they are both VERY sexy teens. They both have innocent but sexy smiles, and could be models in their gren and rainbow bikinis. There's been a lot of searches for preteen bikini girls, but I am focusing on beautiful teens, nubile young hunnies such as these two.
Here's another new photo taken at the beach over summer. These are 3 cute teens and they all look like they are having fun lazing around on the sand. Imagine watching them lie on the sand sunbaking, and seeing their bikinis getting wet as they splash around in the water together. If you love sexy blonde teen girls in bikinis, I suggest you take out your pecker and give it a nice stroke right now!
This is one of my favourite teen bikini pics, I actually found it on myspace. The girl and her friend took this photo in her spa, one very naughty night! Both are wearing sexy leopard print bikinis and decided to take off their bikini bottoms, to tease anyone lucky enough to see the photo. I wonder if they had been drinking alcohol and I wonder if they took off the bikini tops too! We can only imagine! Yummy wet topless teens!
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I just put my washing on the clothes line so I can't be bothered thinking of something to write about this photo. But I need to in order to keep you entertained, and more importantly to get ranked higher in the search engines for teen bikini pics lol! This sexy brunette was obviously very excited, or very cold. Her sexy hard nipples were on clear display for this photo, makes me wish I was a bikini.
Two pretty young girls caught at the waterpark. They had no idea their photo was being taken while they were walking around the bottom of the waterslide in wet bikinis! The teen girl on the left has amazing boobs, I would love to run my hands over those firm young titties and then put them in my mouth. Have I mentioned lately that I love teen bikini pics? Guess what, I really love teen bikini pics!
I'm not really sure if this can be classified as a teen bikini pic, because its hard to tell if this teen girl is actually wearing a bikini. Either way, it looks fuckin sexy which is why I have added this photo to the site. This sexy brunette amateur probably posed in this pic for her boyfriend, and the finished product is amazing! I wonder if they took any more photos, a little bit naughtier than this one, mmmmm!
This pic was taken at a school camp where these sexy young teen girls had a wild time! They were all having showers in their bikinis and one of them decided to take a photo. The teens look so happy and wet, imagine what they got up to in their dorm rooms at night! This is one bikini pic that has everything, multiple teen girls, wet bikinis, lots of smiles, woot!
This delicious brunette teen girl was laying on her towel at the beach when a passerby wanted to take her pic. She looks so good in her sexy green and white bikini, and her boobs are very developed for such a young girl. This teenager must go to the beach quite a lot because she has an excellent tan. I wonder if she ever sunbakes topless in the nude. I'd love to see pics of that!
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