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Bikini Pics Archive 02
Three little girls drinking at their house, decide to have a spa. Always fun seeing them in their bikinis after drinking lots of alcohol. But it gets even better when they strip down and sit in the hot bubbly water totally topless. And we love it when someone takes a photo of this Hold your tanned boobs and say cheeeeese :)
Remember those little candy necklace lollies that you used to buy as a kid? You would wear it and then take off the lollies and eat them. Well check out this girls' bikini. I think it's made out of the same candy!! Which means we could eat her bikini, and then continue to eat her boobs. Yummy. She definitely has some nice boobs, this pic shows just how busty she is. Gotta love teens with big boobs!
Lots of pics of girls in bikinis at the beach are taken without the knowledge of the girls. Stalker type guys (god love them!) with zoom lens cameras taking "hidden camera" or "spy camera" photos of unsuspecting teens. These are fantastic but sometimes girls on the beach actually like to pose for photos, and this latest image is one of these! Two busty young brunettes, sitting on the beach sunbaking, happy to pose for a photo, smiling and holding their big boobs.
Something we haven't focused on much yet are photos of bikini butts! Girls with sexy asses look super fine showing them off with just a thin layer of material covering their beautiful butts! Here are three sexy teens on the beach happy to pose for the camera and bend over to tease us. They also don't mind a bit of a squeeze. Gropey gropey!
Okay, okay, I've done it again! I have disregarded the focus of this site and added a photo of a girl who is NOT wearing a bikini. But can you blame me? I mean check out her sweet innocent teen face and take a look at those amazing boobs! I can only imagine what she looks like playing with those yummy titties, her sexy pink fingernails gently rubbing her nipples, mmm! I'll brb, I need to have a play too!
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Lindsay Lohan topless pics seem to be all the rage at the moment, but unfortunately this website is about bikini girls so you won't find any Lindsay Lohan here. Actually maybe I should post some pics of her in a bikini. But the focus of the website is more to do with "real" teen girls, amateur hotties showing lots of skin. Just like this new photo, which features 5 hot teen chicks partying hard and wearing only their bikinis.
This is a very funny, yet still very sexy teen bikini photo! It features a girl who looks like she's rolling around being provocative on a party boat cruise. However on closer inspection, it turns out she's waving her legs in the air because one of them is broken! I'd love to be alone with her because then she couldn't get away...although I guess if we were on a boat cruise she couldn't get away anyway!
Admit it, you're not even reading this, your eyes are distracted by the great cleavage in the photo on the right! Male's are instantly attracted to boobs, and it's like they have a power over us! It's ok, this writing isn't very interesting anyway, so I don't care if you keep staring at her tits. Hell, you might as well enlarge it too, and check out her cleavage even closer up, and see her sexy friend as well!
Family holidays are always good fun. Especially when there are two gorgeous daughters who go off and lay in the sun while their parents are somewhere else. These two luscious siblings look at home on the beach, wearing their sexy black bikinis while their dark hair flows naturally down around their tanned bodies! This is one of my favourite teen bikini pics and I could stare at both these sisters all night long!
I love watching girls kiss. Seen young teen babes put their tongue down another girls throat makes me really horny. The fact that these 2 teens are also wearing bikinis makes it even hotter! They looked like they are really enjoying themselves, and judging by the way the girl in the pink bikini has her hand on the other girls breast, things might have got even more steamy later on! Mmmm lesbian orgy in the spa!
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